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NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)

Standards publication VE1-2009. “Metal Cable Tray Systems”
Specifies the technical requirements for metal cable trays and associated fittings designed for use in accordance with the rules of NEC, and CEC, Part l:

Standards publication VE2-2006. “Cable Tray Installation Guidelines”
Recommendations for installation, modification, handling, storing, and maintenance of metal cable tray systems:

Cable Tray Institute

Provides a wide range of technical information about cable tray systems.

Underwriters Laboratories

Provides Thrid party testing and certification of cable tray system performance.

General Information for Cable Trays, UL Product Category CYNW
(for use in the USA) Click to view: CYNW.E341872

General Information for Cable Trays, UL Product Category CYNW
(for use in Canada) Click to view: CYNW7.E341872